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My Latest Work

Flotsam & Jetsam

You are invited on a journey …
twenty years of flotsam and jetsam
washing onto my beach …
moments of observation and birthing
waymarks of inner and outer journey
in a turbulent land
the vagaries of silence and words
passion, sadness, hard-hitting indictments
acceptance, deep peace and reverence.
The heavy weight and flimsy nothing of existence
illuminating fragments of a life fully examined.


“A brilliant record of far-flung experience and
the ongoing process of making sense of it through language.” Jacques Coetzee, of author An Illuminated Darkness and co-author of The Love Sheet.

Flotsam and Jetsam Book

"The pain and beauty of paradox is the only path to sanity in a world that is still learning."

– Lana Hunneyball


Everything – from DNA coding the structures of life to the silence that fills the space after a last goodbye – is saying something. We exist in a literal matrix of data that drives it all. Some call this God or Love, but it is powerful and tangible. Words are our meagre attempt not only to access some of its power, but to have it speak back to us; to offer a cushion against the void that comes with being aware that we exist.

Music comes closer because it comes from the place before or beyond language and the rules of culture that shape us. But it is words upon which we have built our structures, for better or worse. These days there are too many words and not enough thought as to the power they hold. Talk may indeed be cheap, but the price can be high.

As a writer, my goal is to choose the best words I can and not take their power for granted. 

Editing Services

embarrased parrot web

"There is nothing outside of text."

– Jacques Derrida

About Lana

In her youth, Lana completed a BA, majoring in English and Psychology. As a young mother, she pursued a multitude of endeavours to avoid climbing onto the hamster wheel – anything that involved cooking, sewing or creativity in any form.

In 1997 she started her own business designing communication and training materials on a wide variety of workplace topics. Her courses, ‘Understanding HIV/AIDS’ and ‘Integrity and Diversity’ were especially popular amongst her clients, who were mainly industries in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

She was actively involved in community work. She founded a Trust for HIV affected children, which ran a haven in Gcebera, Port Elizabeth in conjunction with St Johns Anglican Church. She was also a founding member noPEnuke, which raised awareness around the proposed building of a nuclear power plant near Port Elizabeth. Along the way, she indulged in a bit of painting and pottery while her passion for creative writing grew.

She has an Honours degree in English studies from UNISA and a CMP Diploma in Proofreading and Editing Level 4. Much to the delight of her friends, she is also a qualified massage therapist (she loves to learn).

In 2018 she moved from South Africa to the UK to work as a live-in carer and forge a path as a writer and editor.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

– Leonardo Davinci


Very best opinions

It is with pleasure that I recommend Lana Hunneyball for any editing or formatting work. I have worked with Lana for the past 25 year on various projects and have always been delighted in the quality of work and the consistency she produces. I have contracted Lana to do a wide range of projects. They include the development of 36 training modules in a wide range of business topics, various training and induction materials, and academic and ad hoc editorial work. Lana is detail orientated, her English usage and editorial ability exceptional, and she reads with real insight, picking up contextual as well as content issues. Lana works quickly and with passion. I would recommend her for any work associated with editing and development.
Charles du Toit
Charles du Toit & Associates
Lana worked on a research project with the goal of producing a book on the maritime heritage of Southern Africa. She diligently applied her mind to researching and writing on a subject outside of her normal field - myths and legends around water. The chapter was very well written and thoroughly researched. Her ability to write an easily accessible text on a complicated subject was invaluable. In addition, Lana worked on editing the rest of the book, which included contributions from several academics within the historical and archaeological fields.
Vanessa Maitland
Contract Maritime Archealogist
Lana is a legend with words! I couldn’t do without her. Having just completed my third book, I relied heavily on both her technical English skills (boy, did she give me what-for when it came to the 73rd incorrectly placed comma) and her brilliant capacity to make sentences, concepts and arguments flow beautifully. If I have a good book (and I like to think I do), it’s undoubtedly because of her input. Outside of my own writing, and in my capacity as a copy editor, I’ve also used Lana many times as a proofer. For me, this skill requires an eagle eye, and Lana has two of them! I’ve always been extraordinarily happy with the end product and will continue to use her until she either goes blind or gets too busy to work with me.
Tanya Wyatt
Published Author


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